Bucilla Felt Clock

Whoo hoo, finally finished it. Due to certain circumstances I had to use glue several times as trying to sew pieces together that have card in between is well nigh impossible, especially the roof and base to the body. Usually I breeze through Bucilla kits, but not this one, now need a lie down in a dark room!

My next Bucilla kit will be the Nordic Advent Calendar, Santa is looking after until Christmas Day. I have several large stitchy projects lined up for 2021, so watch this space for updates. In the meantime, back to birthday prezzie making.

Christmas Tree Doll

Finished her on Saturday, but still needed to add the decorations to her hat and dress. I reckon I probably went a wee bit over the top, but no matter she looks the part. She is now in need of a name, any ideas?

I bought some diamond dot type decorations a while ago, wasn’t happy with them, especially as some of the important drills were missing. I ended up using spares from other kits. I decided to turn them into cards, but glued ribbon on the backs of each ornament, used a brad to fix them to the card so that the recipient can remove them from the card and use them as an ornament if they wish to.

Update on the Bucilla clock. Fingers crossed it will be finished tomorrow.

Keep safe folks, it looks as though we could be on tier 3 in the near future.

Henri : The Mill Hill Snowman

Having talked about this wee chap for the last couple of months, I am now pleased to say he not only has a name, but is now finished. He is somewhat larger than my usual ornament kits, but I am sure you will agree he does look a rather happy chap.

Ornaments are taking a bit of a backseat at the moment as I am working on a birthday present. As I want one myself, and have cut the linen accordingly, means it could be a few weeks before I can return to my Mill Hill kits.

The felt Bucilla penguin clock is coming along, albeit slowly. Just so long as it is finished by the middle of next month when the decorations come out of their boxes I will be happy. All the motifs on the Janie Crow Mystical Lanterns throw have been completed. I am now in the process of crocheting the strips together. I hope to have it finished by the end of the month. The same applies to my knitted Christmas doll. So far her body, arms, legs and half a hat are done. Not a lot more to do on her now, it will probably take more time for the sewing up and stuffing.

I just happened to be watching a show on one of the craft channels that featured Dizzy & Creative. I bought a booklet called 3-D Stitched Projects A Filigree Christmas. This is a set of five tree ornaments worked using a type of needle lace. Cotton covered wire and water soluble fleece are used, wasn’t easy trying to find them, but thankfully after much hunting about I found exactly what I was looking for, and at a good price on Etsy. The latter arrived this morning, waiting for the the cotton cover wire to arrive before I can have a play. Soooo watch this space as I try and complete at least one ornament before Christmas.

Exciting news, well it is to me, is that I have yet another Bucilla Advent calendar. This will be one of my 2021 projects, along with a bag to hold its felt goodies. I have decided what the bag will look like, so have invested in a stump work snowman kit, also from Dizzy & Creative.

Take care everyone, keep safe, and keep to the 2 metre distance. This virus is not going to disappear anytime soon.

September finishes

As mentioned last month I have now finished the felt/patchwork bag for one of my Bucilla Advent calendars. Really pleased with how it has worked out, even though the felt does look a little crumpled on the photograph, it isn’t at all like that in real life. I used precut hexagons that are not removed. They are called Hexifoam, bought at Harrogate a couple of years ago from Ashmead Designs http://ashmeaddesigns.com/ I have no affiliation with the company, but this is my blog, so if I find something of real interest, then I will add their website. The patches did need to be sewn in, which took rather longer to do than the previous bag I made where I used sequins and beads. Well worth the extra effort though. As I had six pieces left it seemed a shame to waste them, so I made a sort of tassel thingie at the side, sort of waste not, want not!

My second finish, don’t think I mentioned them last month, are another set of embroidered cards from Rowandean. As with the Christmas cards I started out with good intentions of following Katrina’s design, but as before I simply got carried away. I have another set of these cards, but may use a different colour for the poppies. Let’s face it what they are supposed to be is not set in stone, they could be any flower, well ok then, a variety of different flowers.

Santa Clause has promised me yet more kits in his sack on Christmas morning. Katrina was on Hochanda last week with some new kits, and I wanted nearly all of them, especially the blackberry cards, the autumn play around pack and autumn organza pack. The latter two are not yet on their website. I also want the summer pebbles to go with my Christmas pebbles, and the seaside pebbles Santa has promised me. Not sure if she will be coming up with autumn or winter pebbles, but sheesh, I have plenty of ‘stuff’ so could come up with my own design.

I loved making these redwork ornaments from Daisy Chain Designs. There was supposed to be only enough materials to make eight, but as you can see there are nine. Much to my surprise I have enough of the red felt to make another one. As I have some lovely glittery felt bought in Carlisle market a few years ago I might make a few more. Not sure if I will be able to make them this year, but they will be seen at some point in the future. There is also a star shape, but I wasn’t satisfied that any of the designs fitted into the shape to my satisfaction, so I didn’t use it.

Last year I bought Christmas redwork goodies from Dandelion Designs, including a kit to make Christmas crackers. I wonder if I will have time to make at least two before the big day……………………… watch this space!

The Mill Hill snowman mentioned last month is still under construction. I am also in the process of making a Bucilla felt clock. I am working them on alternate days, so it could be another couple of weeks before he is finished. The clock may take a wee bit longer to do, especially as unlike other kits, there is a lot of card cutting to reinforce the clock body and other bits and bobs.

Speaking of Bucilla felt kits, I just could not help myself, no honestly I really couldn’t. I have bought the Nordic Advent calendar tree, which will be a main project in 2021, along with a bag to keep the ornaments in. Anyone who knows me will have twigged I adore Advent calendars, especially those that are calorie free, and where we can guess what ornament is going to come out of the bag each day. Believe me it is not easy 24 ornaments to choose from on two calendars, 25 on one, and 12 x 2 on the fourth. We think we are doing really well if we get to double figures. Whoever has the most correct wins a box of Maltesers, to share of course. Yippee, I won last year, which was a first.

Take care folks, keep safe as this virus is obviously going to be around for some considerable time.

Nearly Autumn

Well here we are almost into September. The days are definitely getting shorter, or nights longer, depending on how you like to look at it. Christmas stitching is well under way, my thoughts are even turning to 2021/2 birthdays, keen or what!

I am now working on a new bag for one of my Bucilla Advent calendars, patchwork hexagons on a felt background. Also working on redwork tags bought from Daisy Chain Designs, they should make nice tree ornaments. I received a Mill Hill snowman for my birthday, thanks Christine. I have made a start on him, and he will be finished in time for my Christmas decorating session on the 19th of November. It usually takes at least four days to do all the decorating, and a morning to take it all down again!

It has been a busy few weeks on the stitching front. Achieved quite a lot, though would have liked to have done more. One is never satisfied I guess. I hope you enjoy looking at my work, if one can call such an enjoyable hobby work .

Diamond Dot Christmas tree ornaments
Diamond Dot Christmas tree ornaments
Diamond Dot Elephants
Diamond Dot Hearts
Diamond Dot Christmas Cushion
Diamond Dot Christmas Cushion
Diamond Dot Christmas Cushion
My first Mill Hill picture
Candlewick cushion for a friend in Australia
Christmas cards from a Rowandean kit using beads, organdie and a variety of threads, plus stitches I have not used before.
The rest of the Christmas card kit from Rowandean
A set of 8 gingerbread people from Stitching In The Moment by Rossella Cottrell. I used some coloured threads, beads, sequins buttons/charms that were not included in the kit.
Christmas pebbles from a Rowandean kit. Lots of beads, sequins and unusual stitches.

Today’s Finish

Pleased to have finished this wee tortoiseshell pussycat for a friend in Australia. Just have to find a frame for her, which will probably be online as I am not going anywhere near a shop unless dragged there. I know I will have to go to the post office eventually, but so long as I am armed with my face mask, and don’t have to go on a bus, I will survive that ordeal when it happens.

The kit was one of Jane Greenoff’s designs from many years ago. So long I am embarrassed to admit to exactly how long ago, especially as it was a free gift. The fabric in the kit was Aida, but I only use Aida if it has to be one of the dark colours that is unavailable in linen or any of the evenweave fabrics. I used a spare piece of 32 count linen I had lurking about somewhere. DMC threads are used, which is something Jane no longer uses in her kits, preferring Madeira threads instead.

Oh the temptation to return to my mini sampler, but no, the call of my Mill Hill gingerbread house was more powerful. So powerful I had to tear myself away from it to carry on knitting the baby hat to go with the cardigan I finished earlier in the week. I have several more hats to make for Sheryll at the Penistone Knitting Group to pass on to the Baby Unit at Barnsley General. Then it will be a case of gritting my teeth and nip to the post office.

This and That

What a strange couple of weeks we have had weather wise. Just over a week ago we were all melting in the heat, followed by rain, and now we have howling gales. I just hope we will still have some apples left on the tree at the end of it. Quite a few have already departed, the rest are clinging on for dear life, think they must be using super glue. Even the hypericum, seen behind the apple tree, has been some what decimated over the last few hours.

One of my walks takes me past the old cemetery on Hawshaw Lane at Hoyland. I love this tree, it looks lovely in full sun, but I think it looks spectacular in the early morning mist.

A week last Friday I discovered a new footpath through the woods near where I live. I really must investigate the other footpaths at some future date. I was hoping to go that way tomorrow, but it may be a tad muddy, especially as it is raining even as I type. No matter, the summer is still young, so plenty of time to investigate further. One thing I did decide upon is to make sure I have not only my mobile phone, camera (a most Important bit of kit) but also my walking stick. Some days I wonder if both of them might not be a bad idea.

My latest Mill Hill Christmas ornament. This one is stitched entirely in beads. Only one colour thread (white) is used, so really simple to work from one side to the other, rather than working each colour in sections.

My second attempt at Carrickmacross Lace. Not happy with the ‘pop’ and my loops leave a lot to be desired. I dare say all it takes is a lot of practice, which sadly I don’t have as much time for as I would like.

As I had a load of spare fabric from the Country Sampler book, due to a wee bit of judicious rearranging of the stitching, I decided to use some of it to create a band sampler. It is loosely based on a previous Jane Greenoff kit, but I have made it wider, and with some alterations to what sort of stitches I use. Well I did say it was based, not set in stone.

The first row under the Hardanger I did wrong, but as I liked what I did, I didn’t see any need to take it out again. In fact I think I may have come up with a new pattern, which I will try further down the fabric. I also tried a different method of couching, which left only the gold thread showing. Not sure I like it as much as the method using coloured thread ton couch down the gold, but it is a sampler after all, so anything goes. It has been put aside as other stitchy things need my attention. Such as a cross stitched tortoiseshell cat picture, and another Mill Hill kit. The latter being a picture rather than an ornament. This one is a gingerbread house. So watch this space!

Holly Berries

It is well known that virtually all plants are welcome to visit Walters Towers, many stay for a short time, others for years. Some of course are evicted pretty smartly, sorry dandelions, but you do take over the world. Several years ago a cotoneaster horizontalis decided to take up residence. When first spotted it was no larger than my little finger, roots and all. It was within a gnats whisker of being uprooted, but something told me to leave it be. Since then it has repaid my kindness in triplicate. The bees love it when it is in flower, the birds love the berries. The same with the pyracantha, but they are not self sown, though they were mega cheap from Morrison’s!

Four or five years ago a holly was spotted growing where a holly, or anything else for that matter, should not be growing. It was moved to a much safer spot, where it it continued to flourish. This year flowers were spotted, as they were on another holly that was also rescued from a fate worse than whatever. The first holly is obviously male, no sign of any berries. However, the second holly does have berries, so is obviously female. I will be watching them turn to red over the coming weeks. There are several other holly bushes that have popped up, so we will see what happens to those over the coming years.